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Tee shirt of great happiness

10 Sep red tshirtblog

I was pretty sure that summer was here and we could all go out and enjoy ourselves and have a nice time sitting in the garden drinking ice tea and wearing bonds singlets, but apparently not the case. It is very cold outside and a little bit grey and a little bit rain and a little bit hail and a lot of cold wind which is really annoying me and my cat is also complaining. But here is a little something to brighten up the day and possibly wear around the house if you turn up your heater and pretend that its summer.  It is called the Tee shirt of great happiness and you can find them in my etsy shop at www.encouragementaward.etsy.com.

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2 Dec sushitime

Dear everyone – check this out.

They are pencil chopsticks – omg chopsticks made to look like pencils. How amazing. I bought them from japan recently and I love them with all my heart. Stupidly I only purchased 6 of them which means I can only have 2  friends over for dinner plus me, or 3 friends and I just watch them eat. Either way I think they are great and i just hope I don’t break them or loose them or accidentally sharpen them. Continue reading

For She’s A Jolly Good Fellow

8 Sep

Tomorrow Morning it is my sister’s birthday and to commemorate this glorious day i have chosen to have a little look in the archives and find a picture that best represents us as sisters, friends and serious business women.

We have pretty much agreed  on most things in our lives, but  the only real thing we ever had different opinions over is our choice of white stockings and pocket placement… but at least we agreed on the things that really mattered and that was to always wear a white skivvy  and matching sandals whenever possible. Three Cheers for Kelly….

It is also the birthday of my Summer range. Here it is folks, some new caps in vintage, new and hand screen printed fabrics. Sizes Small and Medium and fully reversible ( of course ). These festive little guys will be at the Rose St Markets this Sat from 11 – 5 and everybody is welcome to try them on.

Stripy Tee Shirts and collar ties are also on the menu this Summer ( esp matching ones).


30 Aug

Dear blog,

im very sorry ive been neglecting you lately – i have been very busy doing other things – mostly working very hard on my summer range which i am very excited about and will be able to show you some pics soon. i have also been carefully planning the purchase of my new computer but mostly i have been very heavily addicted to watching Big Love – thank gawd season four is over and we can all get on with our lives for a few days until season five turns up in my dvd player.  but in the mean time i was looking at my pics from my recent road trip to Adelaide for the amazing Bower Bird Market and was reminded of the joys of  people who build  gigantic replicas of small things and turn them into education/theme parks that will always get closed down after a few years. so far i have been to – the big pineapple, the big cow, the big banana, the big avocado, the big bee, the big sheep, the big prawn ( which has now been bulldozed because drunk people were sleeping in it) and the big guitar – but none compare to this….. the big, crap closed down koala.

If you want to make  some big savings this weekend on some big cool hats and capes come down to the Rose St Artist markets in Fitzroy this Saturday from 11 – 5 because all winter products will be on big sale just for you. xx


10 Aug

At the Rose St Artist Markets you will find many a good thing to spend your money on. Take Bonny Lad for example.  Sunggee Min is my dear friend and we have been stall neighbours for a very long time now. We do everything at the market together.. we drink coffee together, order our lunch together, get rained on together, get sun stroke together, brave below freezing temperatures together, eat our lunch together,  and then drink another coffee together. Sunggee is also marquee coordinator, stall booking administrator, and pack up and pack down logistics. But apart from all of these very important credentials he is also a very talented jeweler and his label is called Bonny Lad, http://www.bonnylad.net  Bonny Lad is amazing and of course everything is hand-made with lots of skill and very fancy ingredients inc silver, semi precious stones, pearls and even fake grass. Bonny Lad is at the Rose St Markets every Saturday and Sunday.

apparently money doesnt grow on trees but according to these pics Bonny lads jewelry dose.

But not like these daffodils – they grow on cement .. i wish they grew on money.

New Friends

4 Aug

Since moving to the hills I haven’t been able to see my friends as much as I am use to,  and have spent most of my spare time talking to my cat who is always asleep by the fire or out hunting the rabbits . From time to time when I get the chance i like to have little adventures in the forest and look for new  friends to play with because i figure if they wont come to me then i must go to them. On my travels i have met an invisible kangaroo, a few pretty birds and some fallen trees , we tried to hang out but did nt have much in common. I almost gave up my search until one day I met some crazy little friends who live under logs , on tree trunks and pretty much anywhere and everywhere.  These mushrooms are wild.

And they told me to tell you that if  you are looking for a good time give them a call … their real FUNGUYS. (they promise)

.. But Id call these guys first cos they look a bit more friendly and because they are keyrings made by The Encouragement Award they are much more useful – and they might even talk to you.. who knows….

Business as (Un-usual)

2 Aug

I’ve always wanted to be a business man and work in an office building with access to free stationary cupboards, tea and coffee-making facilities, staff biscuit tins and unlimited use of the office photocopiers, but i have never quite felt that the corporate world has ever taken me seriously – maybe if i smarten myself up a bit i may just get a foot in the door. and with a little help from my old friend the collar tie i will get a promotion in no time. next thing you know i will start wearing a brief case on my head.. actually that’s just silly (but maybe not such a bad idea).


28 Jul

I am working on the final touches for my Summer 2010 range and all thats left to do is choose the trims. thats when i bring in my assistant playdoh to help me – because he sometimes does freelance work when hes not sleeping.


25 Jul

One of my best friends sam has been away for ages and on saturday he finally came home  with my present – and it was about time too because he was gone for 6 weeks… and this is what he gave me. ahhh so cute.

The Encouragement Award

23 Jul

In 2006 I decided it was time to start a new craft label, i wasn’t sure what to make or what to call it. i love to make toys, and cushions and kooky little odds and ends, but what i love most of all is winning awards for trying my hardest. so after a night on the craft and a whole lot of trying my hardest i ended up giving myself my own award. And this is what i gave myself…..


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